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Dr. Ajeet kumar karnatak

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

Dear Aspirants,

It is with immense joy, I welcome you all as a new contestant to Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Uttarakhand University of Horticulture and Forestry (VCSG UUHF) family. Sound footing of a nation depends upon the how many morally responsible well educated and skilled citizens it has. The VCSG Uttarakhand University of Horticulture & Forestry endeavour to provide well empowered graduates and post-graduates in different realms of agriculture which may strengthen the government to provide well-nourished nation. It is impossible to ignore the challenges posed to the nation and the world alike in the present time by the pandemic caused due to COVID virus. A well fed nation can surmount any challenges posed by the nature or the man, food security of the nation is working as a main pillar of the government confidence in serving the society.

As per second advanced estimates of Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare under Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, GoI the total foodgrain production of India for the year 2019-20 may touch a record high of 291.95 million tonnes which is higher by 6.74 million tonnes than the production of foodgrain during 2018-19. India is Food Self Sufficient Country as per SSR based categorization of FAO but we are still a nation with people with below adequate level of nutritional intake. Per capita food grain availability in India is 487 grams per person per day in 2018 as per Economic Survey of India annual report-2018. India is number two after China in vegetable and fruits production in the world but India’s share in global horticulture market is nearly 1% only (APEDA).

India witnessed the shift in area from food grain towards horticulture crops over the last two decades. The productions of horticultural crops have outpaced the production of food grain since 2012-13. In terms of production, horticulture produce at present forms 33% of the total agriculture produce which is highest among all constituents’ crop groups like cereals, pulses, sugar crops, oilseeds etc. Field of horticulture requires young energetic skilled workforce that may infuse the field with science and technology to bring quality horticultural produce efficiently in the hands of consumers.

India has total forest and tree cover of 80.73 million hectares which amount to 24.56% of the geographical area of the country while the state of Uttarakhand has 38,000 sq km recorded forest area which is 71.05% of its geographical area. The Reserved, Protected and Unclassed Forests are 69.86%, 26.01% and 4.13% respectively of the recorded forest area as per the Forest Survey of India. Forest productivity of India is one third of the world average which requires comprehensive management of forest by a qualified workforce rather than an administrative kind of approach at all levels. The per capita forest cover of India is also very less as compared to the world average that too needed to enhanced by the intervention of latest technologies of the forestry.

Uttarakhand bestowed with two agro-climatic regions and capable of producing wide range of agricultural produce i.e. from field crops to horticultural produce of sub-tropical to temperate climes. The University is in unique position to provide maximum exposure to the students in agricultural fields e.g. forestry and horticulture because of its strategically placed centres in the state which are present from the altitude of 485-2590 metres above mean sea level. The University is fast in adapting to the current developing situation and offering uninterrupted online classes to its students through various electronic modes.

Now it is the era of agriculture, horticulture and forestry since the major issues on which the world is pondering are related to decline in the quality of food and environment. Sustainable development is what the whole world wants and it comes under the same topic hence with regards to the job prospects horticulture and forestry is the need of the time. Careers in the field of agriculture are considered one of the most satisfying ones in terms of productivity and quality of life. There is ample opportunity of meaningful career in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry sector of the nation, and with rising population of India, it is coming to more and more prominence. The university invite the young vigorous minds to embrace the challenge of making agriculture their profession.

VCSG UUHF is established in the year 2011 which is developing fast and has become an institution of par excellence. Our pursuit of excellence is through optimum transparency and merit is the foremost credential for admissions.
We believe in physical, mental, emotional, social and intellectual development of the students hence we impart our students’ education which is beyond horizons and make them better human beings. In my view education is no longer to become informative rather to build the powers of human mind. With these words let me assure you that we are ready to provide you the best we can!!
As a result of the momentous disruption that is being caused by the COVID pandemic, we are very aware that many students will have difficulty in meeting the normal timelines associated with their studies. We have tried our best to open the application form filling process for admission to various degree programmes including PhD programmes and we intend to be flexible at this time as per the need of hour. Please be safe, stay at home and maintain social distancing as prevention is better than cure.

Prof. Ajeet Kumar Karnatak
VCSG UUHF               

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